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    Kelly - Sunday 2 August 2020

    Autoclave Validation

    MadgeTech’s AVS140-6 Autoclave Validation System

    As with any medical application, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that devices and equipment have been properly sterilized. Medical companies are using an autoclaves  for steam sterilization and are interested in using data loggers to validate that the autoclave is compliant with industry standards. The autoclave records and prints a summary of each work load, however, there’s no guarantee the results are correct. Validating that temperature and pressure thresholds are being met within the autoclave chamber provides confirmation that contaminated items are in fact being properly sterilized. 

    Using MadgeTech’s AVS140-6 Autoclave Validation System, you can obtain a complete profile of the autoclave to ensure it’s operating as intended. Included in the AVS140-6 are five HiTemp140 high temperature data loggers, as well as one PR140 pressure data logger. The HiTemp140 can withstand temperatures up to +140°C, which is needed to ensure the autoclave chamber reaches +132.2°C for four minutes during the sterilization cycle. The PR140 was designed for high temperature applications and applies during the drying phase when pressure is used to draw out moisture from the item(s). By using the AVS140-6, you can analyze the data in the MadgeTech 4 Secure Software. The software even meets the criteria to assist with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Customers are impressed with the ease of use of the AVS140-6 as well as the software. They say they can now easily view the data and compare it to the autoclave findings. Not to forget, there is also an AVS140-1

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